A Meticulous Craft

    The tradition of Palestinian embroidery is passed from generation to generation by our women of the south Hebron hills. Living in rural areas, these women start their tedious day at four in the morning with prayer. The rest of the day is dedicated to taking care of the household, attending to the fields and the livestock. It is only late at night that they have the time to devote to the embroidery that is so important to them, both as a tradition and as an art. The embroidery, all handmade, is a meticulous craft. It begins with carefully attaching a mesh cloth to the fabric, creating a perfect grid. Within the grid, tiny unified cross stitch embroidery is done in traditional motifs and symbols of Palestinian culture. Once the embroidery is complete the mesh is carefully removed literally one thread at a time!

    In the spirit of Israeli contemporary innovation, our fashion designer experiments in changing some of the colors and the traditional materials.  The sewing is done by professional Israeli seamstresses.  We are constantly looking for new threads and fabrics. Many different dress patterns are developed to find the right contemporary design that will showcase the embroidery in a modern exclusive way. By balancing between the embroidery and dress cuts, we are able to combine tradition with modern fashion.

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