About Two Neighbors

    Early Investors:

    After first meeting the women through the Center for Emerging Futures’ Global Village Square gathering, Whit Jones and Andy McCluskey, two life-long friends from Idaho in the USA, formed Two Neighbors, LLC to provide the initial funding, as well as marketing and distribution for this social business. Andy McCluskey and Whit Jones have had successful business careers and found their interests moving toward opportunities to give back. Through the work of the Center for Emerging Futures they have developed relationships with Israelis and Palestinians who wish to set conflicts aside and work together, both for their own benefit and to further the cause of peace.

    Two Neighbors Bios

    Kefah is Palestinian.  She is the Director of the Women’s Cooperative in her village in Hebron Hills. She has long dreamed of presenting the embroidery talents of the women in her village and the surrounding villages.  Kefah’s leadership skills have enabled her to work on community mobilization, enhancing the living conditions of the women from in her village.

    Rehan is Palestinian. She is one of the Lead Embroidery designers in the region.  She has completed her secondary education.  Embroidery is important to her because it is a way to preserve Palestinian culture and pass it on from generation to generation. Rehan trains other women in the art of embroidery and designs unique embroidery patterns for Two Neighbors.

    Adeem is Palestinian. She has an education in English. For her, Two Neighbors is an opportunity for women from both sides to be a part of the peace process and to strengthen the social and economic development of their communities.

    Segal is an Israeli.  She is a social entrepreneur, interested in art and education.  As a native Israeli, Segal has always felt that reaching peace is a priority issue for all people in the Middle East.  Segal’s hope is that the Two Neighbors project will encourage productive interaction between the two nations and set an example that it is the responsibility of every individual to seek peace and connections within their community.

    Paula is a retired American teacher and  co-founder of the Center for Emerging Futures, holding gatherings for Israelis and Palestinians on the border between Israel and the West Bank.  Paula is also an artisan and has long believed that working together through the arts is an effective way to promote lasting partnerships.

    Tara is an American with over 18 years’ experience in design and sales in the fashion industry. She has worked with startup brands as well as large corporate fashion brands. She is currently working on her Executive MBA with a focus on Social Innovation.Tara’s focus is to expand the brand and share Two Neighbors mission through sales and marketing.

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