Close up!

    Close up Views of the Palestine Embroidery….

    To view the embroidery on each dress close up, on the shopping page you will see a cropped photo of the models face to show a close up view of the embroidery.  If you click on that photo it will enlarge so you can view the delicate threads of the embroidery.  At Two Neighbors we take great pride in the work of our women in Palestine and Israel and we do our best to capture the beauty of their handiwork.

    We thank you for shopping with us and supporting our efforts for peace one stitch at a time. Every share, like or purchase helps provide jobs for our women and brings peace just a little bit closer.  Please share our Facebook page, sign up for our mailing list, follow us on Instagram, like our posts or tell a friend about our brand!

    Thanks in advance! We appreciate you!

    #peace #socialinnovation #twoneighbors

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