Empowering Women

    The mission of Two Neighbors is to empower women and create positive bonds between women from Palestine and Israel.

    A recent visit to the Palestine village where our embroidered pieces are handmade captured some images where you can see some of the women at work. Each stitch is carefully hand crafted. Each project gives these women a feeling of empowerment. You cannot put a price on giving a woman a sense of pride and self-confidence.

    The average piece of embroidery for a garment provides enough income to help feed a family of 5 for a week in the Palestine villages. Some of the other ways Two Neighbors employment has helped is the women have been able to purchase school supplies for their children, pay for tuition for advanced education, help their household with the household electric bill, and pay for specialized medical needs and medicine the government hospital cannot provide.

    At Two Neighbors, it is our pleasure to be able to provide work for them to give them the opportunity to support their families.

    Dignity is priceless.

    We need your help to keep this process going for the future. We would like to offer all new and returning customers 25% off their first order with Two Neighbors. Sign up to get your coupon code today!

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    Thank you in advance for supporting our peace process one stitch at a time.

    Photo credit: Estelle Car (photos blurred to protect privacy)


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