Palestine Embroidery – One Stitch at a Time

    The Palestinian embroidery in the Two Neighbors collection is all handmade. It is a complicated process that takes the women in the village years to master.  Traditionally taught to the girls by their grandmothers, this art is handed down from one generation to the next. 

    Up Until the 1940s, traditional Palestinian costumes reflected a woman’s economic and marital status and her town or district of origin, with knowledgeable observers discerning this information from the material, colorwork and embroidery motifs. At Two Neighbors we have taken the traditional embroidery shapes and updated them to make more contemporary garments that can be worn by women around the world.

    The apparel in our collection is designed to showcase the embroidery. Once the fabric is chosen for each garment, our Israeli designer meets with our lead Palestinian embroidery technician to choose the colors of the thread and discuss the pattern of the embroidery. 

    On each piece of fabric, a product called Vilennis is ironed on the back of the piecework. It is an interfacing to make the fabric material stronger so it can handle the embroidery. The women also attach a white mesh to the front of the embroidery to give them a grid so the stitches lay straight and the pattern is symmetrical. Once the embroidery is completed they remove the white mesh strings one by one and it reveals a beautiful final pattern.

    Removing the Mesh
    The Palestinian technicians work on the pieces at their homes in the village. They do the stitching in between taking care of their families and the livestock. Once all the embroidery pieces are completed the pieces are delivered to our Tel-Aviv based seamstresses where they are sewn into the final garments.
    This meticulous craft is handed down from generation to generation
    At Two Neighbors we are honored to be able to take this traditional Palestinian craft and add it to modern designs that can showcase this beautiful art one stitch at a time. Please share our story with your friends. 
    Thank you,
    Two Neighbors
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