Social Entrepreneurship, Two Neighbors & Peace

    By definition, Social Entrepreneurship is a business that has the mission of pattern-breaking social change. In theory, Two Neighbors fits the definition of Social Entrepreneurship.

    From a scholarly point of view, there are 5 P’s of Social Entrepreneurship.

    They are defined as, Passion, Purpose, Plan, Partner, and Profit. At Two Neighbors, we explore how our business fits into these five definitions as well as add our P for Peace.

    Passion: Two Neighbors primary mission is for peace, and our cause motivates our team members. Working for a groundbreaking business is not for the faint of heart. Team members have to share the same goals that the founders of Two Neighbors put into place. Staff members have to be very agile and willing to work in an environment that is uncharted. The type of people who can survive and thrive in a company like Two Neighbors are risk takers, brave, and up for the challenge. Read more about our fantastic team members here:

    Purpose: The purpose of Two Neighbors is evident: Peace. The objective is to bring Israeli and Palestinian women together to produce a fashion collection together, share stories, and be an example to the world that peace is possible through our shared humanity and quest for peace.

    Plan: After a few years into our business plan we are expanding the brand to include new fashion items, and along the way we have learned was works and what does not! Our designers are continually reviewing design ideas that might work for the brand. What started with coffee sleeves ended up with gorgeous dresses on the runway!

    We have a plan that is always evolving, but our core mission will remain, Peace-Through the Eye of a Needle.

    Partner: At Two Neighbors our most significant partnership is among our team members in Israel and Palestine. They are the backbone of the brand. They work efficiently together in often turbulent conditions and unfamiliar environments. They have to be accommodating to change and be mentally nimble to be able to adjust to changes in the region and the business. At the core of each of our team members is a change-maker.

    Profit: At the end of the day each company needs to be profitable. As a grassroots organization, Two Neighbors relies heavily on word of mouth and social media to share our story. That is where you come in! Please share our story, purchase something for yourself or a gift for a friend. With each purchase, you help build peace and create jobs and empower women in an unstable region. Eventually, the goal is to turn over Two Neighbors to the women behind the brand.

    Peace: We added the final P for Peace because this word sums up our entire mission statement. At Two Neighbors our primary goal is to be an example to the world that peace can prevail.

    Please help us share our mission by spreading the word about Two Neighbors and supporting our brand. Peace-Through the Eye of a Needle.

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