Two Neighbors and Social Innovation

    “Social innovation is the process of developing and deploying effective solutions to challenging and often systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress.”-  Stanford business school.

    Innovation is what creates social value. Two Neighbors is a form of social entrepreneurship. We bring novel ways of doing business to fruition even though it goes against tradition. Two Neighbors is not a traditional corporation with a small social corporate responsibility (CSR) program added on to appease customers. Two Neighbors is a social innovation corporation. Our entire process and procedures are innovative. We deliver innovation by the creation of a fashion brand between Israelis and Palestinians. Our departure from tradition is what creates social value.

    Innovation is both a process and a product. Two Neighbors does both. Our process to create our fashion products is revolutionary. Our organizational structure, social context, and creativity makes is a deviation from traditional fashion brands.

    Two Neighbors is a new idea on how to improve peace between two sides. We are constantly evolving to improve our processes. We are creating a fashion product by working with a team of dedicated women coming from different cultures, religions and languages.

    Two Neighbors is social innovation at its core because just by existing not only do we have a product, but social value. Innovation creates social value.

    How can you support our mission? Please shop with us and share our story on social media!


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