Two Neighbors Best Kept Secret

    Our Best Kept Secret!

    Recently we sat down with Dina* our Palestinian coordinator.  She works closely with the women in the villages of Palestine as well as with our Israeli based team. Dina is known for her infectious laugh and she is also an amazing cook. (her grape leaves are divine!) With her background as an English teacher she was the perfect fit for Two Neighbors.

    Q. How did find out about the position with Two Neighbors as the Palestinian Coordinator?

    A. I heard about the job when my husband’s friend recommended me for the position. It was my lucky day, I went to the interview and I got the job!

    Q. What is the biggest challenge of working with Two Neighbors?

    A. I have had to face many challenging things in my life and for this job it was to educate and convince people that our joint project is difficult but worth doing.  Thankfully I have a supportive husband and family.  The biggest challenge is setting up meeting times between the Palestine women and the Israeli women. There are many different holidays and religious days so it’s quite difficult sometimes.

    Translating between English and Arabic can get humorous sometimes. A few times while translating I start talking English with the Palestinian women. Overall, I feel proud that everyone trusts me in exchanging ideas.

    Q. How have you evolved as a person by working with Two Neighbors?

    A. By working with Two Neighbors I have learned to be more tolerant, and it has opened my eyes to other nations and cultures. While each culture has its own habits and traditions, it has also let me tell others about how our Palestinian culture is peaceful and beautiful in its own way. Working with Two Neighbors has raised my self confidence made me more independent financially and personally.

    A. How do you think the project has helped the Palestinian women?

    Q. It has helped the women learn more about how a business is managed and taught them how to work together with the team members from Israel. Overall, it has expanded their horizons.

    Q. What is your favorite piece from the collection?

    A. For me each item has its own value in my heart. I love the Naomi shirt jeans dress  and I love the clutch bag. Each piece from our collection has its own charm so its hard to choose just one!

    Q. What is it like working for an international team?

    A. Our team is amazing! Everyone is working for the same goals of Two Neighbors and that is peace. I hope one day we can be a large international fashion brand.

    * name changed to protect privacy


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