Two Neighbors Embroidery Versatile Bag-Great Gift Idea!

    Our Versatile Purse combines practical with beauty. Great gift idea!

    Front: Exquisite handmade multi bright-colored, embroidery. Back: Vegan leather. Interior: cotton lining.

    Can be used as a make-up bag, document satchel. You can throw in your cell phone, credit card and keys for a quick dash to the store or as an elegant wristlet for an evening out on the town.

    *Measures 22*17 cm, 8.5”x6.5”

    *Front and interior 100% cotton, back vegan leather.


    Great gift idea! Available in two colorways, you can choose between red multi and blue multi-colored.

    Each bag has a vegan leather zipper wristlet.


    Red multi color, Multi-color


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