Two Neighbors Palestinian Embroidery Bag Statement Strap

    • Handmade embroidery by Palestinian women in the West Bank
    • Assembled by women in Tel Aviv
    • High-quality metal fittings in antique brass finish
    • Black Nappa leather
    • Durable and made to last
    • 4cm x 110cm length.
    • One size fits most

    We are super excited to finally get these handbag statement straps in stock. We have 3 brilliant handmade patterns to choose from. Each strap is 4 cm wide and about 110 cm in length. Backed with black Nappa leather and handcrafted Palestinian embroidery on the top, these great statement straps are great to add to an existing handbag that you own or fit perfectly with any bag from Two Neighbors.

    These statement straps can also be used for cameras or other types of gear. The uses are endless! Add a little color to your every day with the Two Neighbors statement handbag straps.


    Green stripe pattern, Red multi color, Blue


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